Capabilities & Services

Web Development

Our team of web developers create B2B and B2C compatible web applications to assist you with meeting the business challenges faced today. From working on intricate projects to developing receptive frontend applications, our team is an expert in delivering well integrated, leading-edge web solutions for your business.

Here's what we offer:

Custom Web App Development

We offer customized web application services to our clients and customers. Our process safeguards complete support and quality maintenance.

Web App CMS

Managing the content in your web application is another service we offer. Our experts ensure quality content management as well as manage them efficiently.

Web App Consulting

In search of some expert advice? KKBTekboox can assist you! We will provide you the best web app consulting services to forge a world-class application. Join us and get upgraded!

E-commerce Web App Development

Our e-commerce web application services assist your business to carry out online sales. Improve your business operations with a web application and be an eyewitness to the growth in sales.

Web App Re-engineering

Tired of your old-school web application? We’ve got it covered for you. Our experts will reengineer your web app and create a better version for you.

Responsive Web App Designs

We fashion responsive web app designs that highlight user experience and easy navigation. Our engineers seek to aid the design process and create faultless web apps.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing will help you align your organization’s activities regarding people, processes and technology so your business strategy and your vision may come to life. Our talented professionals can help you stay competitive in a continuously fluctuating environment.

Here’s what we cater to:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Data Services & Analytics

Our Data Science & Analytics services cater to your every business need. We hope to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients and customers by delivering value. We know what’s best for your company!

We can assist your business in increasing revenues, improve operations, optimize marketing campaigns & customer service. We also ensure that your company responds more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge.

Data Analytics

We seek to implement our best data analytics practices to empower companies in the following business areas:

Financial Analytics

Customer Analytics

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Asset Analytics

Manufacturing/Service Delivery Analytics

HR Analytics

In order to ensure complete data analytics, KKBTekBoox covers the following technical components:




Service BI


Data Science

The Artificial Intelligence

AI is converting all functional areas. AI is uplifting decision-making accuracy by creating competencies, saving costs, and delivering new solutions to perilous problems.

KKBTekBoox assists enterprises to participate in this AI revolution and leapfrog the competition by simply being able to take better decisions.

Deep Learning

(DL) is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that matches the learning approach that human beings use to gain certain types of knowledge. With the arrival of Cloud Computing, the powers of DL is within the reach of every enterprise.
KKBTekBoox assists enterprises successfully connect DL technologies and turn them into lucrative business ventures.

Machine learning

ML emphasizes on the growth of computer programs and algorithms, which provides computers the ability to learn and to find hidden insights without being programmed.

KKBTekBoox comprehends how to best solve business problems.

Data Science technologies we work with:

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Project Management

A project management consultancy offers expert project management advice to external businesses. Our Project Management team will help your business with consulting, training and research to deliver innovative project management approaches to our clients. We seek to build a long-lasting and trusted partnership with our clients.

Our Project Management consultancy benefits you with:

  • Capability to cater to all your project needs
  • Knowledge about projects at competitive prices, avoid typical project mistakes and recommend cost-saving methods
  • No conflicts except for your best interest
  • Minimize costly mistakes
  • Minimize risk with project strategies
  • Quality
  • Time and cost savings
  • Partnership